Educational videos made easy.

Harness the power of the AI platform Videothetics and turn your educational content creation process the Henry Ford's factory line.
Videothetics enables even the most technophobic people to create engaging educational video presentations with human-sounding voice-over and virtual speakers...
In just 5 clicks, without prior training, recording, or complex post-production. Over and over again.


One educational video has been made by me a virtual speaker, Videothetics, and one by my human creator. Can you guess which one?

How Videothetics works

If you know how to click, drag and drop, you'll know how to use this simple AI tool


Insert slides

Click and choose your slides from your PC or laptop. Rearrange them the way you like it. 

Upload your notes or a recording

Upload your notes or text from slides and a human-sounding AI will create a voice-over with a virtual speaker. You could also import your own recording. 


Click on Create

And wait for 3-5 minutes to get a video output.  


Publish and share

Send a video to your students, show it in a gallery  

Your notes or your voice - your choice

Choose between a Videothetics voice-over virtual speakers or your own recording. Although there's almost no difference.

Enhancing online and offline learning and presenting experience

From engaging learning videos as an addition to your classroom material, presentations for immersive gallery or museum experience, to corporate videos and courses to enrich your employee learning and development process.


Schools & Universities

According to Brandwatch, 90% of 18-24 year-olds in the USA watch videos daily. Meet your students where they are every day - online and on their devices.


Corporate trainings

Nearly one-third of employee turnover was due to a lack of development opportunities.*

Create training courses, and learning and development materials in hours, not months.

*Work Institute's 2018 Retention Report


Museums and Galleries

Visitors want their cultural institutions to adapt to the 21st century and provide an immersive experience.

But the budget is the problem, right?

No more. Videothetics is a budget-friendly solution that'll finally keep bringing back visitors.

See Videothetics in action in many different styles, voices, and languages

Corporate presentation, female voice

School presentation, male voice

Gallery presentation, male voice

Museum presentation, female voice

Marketing lesson, female voice

Physics lesson, male voice


Since we're a startup in an early phase, and we're still researching your creation needs in order to create plans...

It may be the best for now to grab a cup of 30-min virtual coffee, and show you a free demo of the product.

No sales pitches, no obligations.

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  • All features
  • Unlimited number of videos
  • Enhanced privacy, and encryption

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In Cloud


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  • Plan-based number of videos
  • Encryption and privacy
  • No equipment needed
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You don't have to be a video producer

And you don't need extensive education in tech to be able to create educational video presentations.

The idea behind this project was to enable you to create high-quality, engaging video content in hours, not months...

As well as to enable non-tech savvy people to harness the power of modern algorithms and save time and money on trainings, hiring unknown freelancers on the internet...

It's all possible thanks to the AI engine that powers the whole Videothetics platform.

Beta testers reviews

"It takes me a couple of hours to prepare the presentation, then record it as a video lesson. And so every day times 5. This is perfect."

“One of my wishes was to hold a class without saying a word. Of course with students motivated to follow it. This makes it possible!”

"It would be very interesting for younger elementary school students."

"I used the material that I prepared for students using Videothetics platform. The reactions are very positive. The children reacted nicely and point out that it is easier for them to remember when they listen than when they read in a classic presentation."


The Origins of Videothetics

Videothetics is a product of the AI software development company SentienceLab, based in Netherlands.

We believe in using tech to a good cause. Tech is not inherently good or bad. We stand behind every piece of software that aims to empower and educate people, regardless of their material or educational status.

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